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wfc preparations

ok. i've arranged a hotel room for tomorrow night. i need to:

- panic

- call the hotel in austin and find the best way to get from the airport to the hotel, although i might just say screw it and take a cab, because i'll have been travelling something like 18 hours at that point (though i think it's only 12 hours elapsed time) (went with supershuttle reservations; thanks, pbray!)

- check the train times tomorrow for going to ennis

- make bread so ted doesn't starve to death while i'm gone

- pack. i must pack. i must check the temperature in austin, too (it will be HOT. thanks, rmd :))

- get lists of things to buy in ammurica from the family

- post picture so people can

- assure people i usually look more cheerful than i am in that photo...

- finish revising COYOTE so my editor doesn't kill me when we meet up

- make some sort of attempt to contact my NNWM newbies with such brilliant inspiration that they survive the first week of NNWM without me actually being around to reassure them (poorly thought out, this, on my part)

- attempt to remember U.S. bank card pin

- make list of people's cell phone #'s to call

- do everything i'm forgetting to write down now
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