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a pleasant surprise

I was bery bery tired last night, so I went to bed around 10 (instead of 9 like my mommy told me to).

No sooner had I gotten really, really comfortable, than the first line of CAULDRON BORNE popped into my head.

And then the first paragraph.

And then the first scene.

I got up and wrote 550 words. I could have written a great deal more, but I thought that was probably enough to get things stabilized in my head so they wouldn't fall out and leave me wondering, this morning, what the hell that opening scene was.

Given that at 9pm last night I was muzzy from headache and walking around all day and looking despairingly at what I have left to do and looking at having signed up for NNWM and thinking there was just no way I could do that and what had I been thinking, a 500 word scene made me feel much better. :) Maybe if I get enough revisions done, I can reward myself with another 500 words on the new book. :)

Speaking of which, breakfast, then work.

ytd wordcount: 367,100
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