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every shop in cork

I think I went into every shop in Cork today. I spent over two hours looking for something appropriate to wear to the Saturday night banquet. The sole thing I found that would have worked--a lil' tuxedo-y jacket sort of thing--they did not have in my size. And I *hate* shopping. It was not a pleasant morning. :p

OTOH, we did meet up with madmiss for lunch, which was much nicer than tromping around and failing to find anything to buy. :) We then had a bookstore accident at Other Realms, and picked up s1 Dr. Who, Supernatural, Rome, and S2 of 4400. We're nearly done with S5 Smallville, which we've been enjoying immensely, although Ted, at one point, said, "I'm getting a little tired of Lana." I said, "That's because you married a Chloe." He looked all surprised. :)

Man I'm tired. I've had a headache most of the day and finally drugged myself and now I think the pain relief is conking me out.

Maybe I'll go watch a movie. *sigh* I have to get back to work tomorrow--I told my editor I'd turn in revisions on COYOTE DREAMS before I went to WFC (though, y'know, she's going to WFC too, so it's not like she'll be at her desk waiting for it/reading it, but I've got to give editing TQB my best effort *immediately* after getting back from WFC, 'cause it's due to my other editor on the 15th, so I kind of have to get the damned revisions done before WFC like I said I would, and yes, I am trying to convince myself, why do you ask?), so I only have 4 days to get it done--and the idea of spending tonight staring at a tv screen is more appealing than the idea of staring at a computer screen...

November 10th. That's the finish line...

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