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thinks to do tomorrow

- call about wfc hotel
- go to lunch with sammywol and mylescorcoran
- see a moobie
- watch some smallville
- make grocery list/shop
- find out how dressy the saturday night wfc banquet is
- answer 56939870 emails
- print out CD revision letter. glare at it bitterly.

i have decided that if i reach 400K this year, as is my yearly writing goal, that i will bring ted out to dinner. in paris. :)

i have descended to a new level of geekdom: icon challenges. :) (actually, it's a totally fun somewhat arty little thing to do, and i can take a few (or many) minutes to do an icon and not screw up like i would a drawing when i'm weary, so...well. i'm having fun, anyway. :))
Tags: thinks to do, x-geek
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