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Aww. Didn't get the spiffy Rogue figurine. Vaguely annoying, in that I was outbid by $.01, but I took up space_parasite's advice of "bid what you're actually willing to pay and forget about it until the auction is over" some years ago and have yet to be actually displeased with the results, so. :)

It was a wonderously foggy morning this morning. I'm hoping it'll be the same tomorrow so I can go out and take peektures. I'm taking tomorrow off whether the book is done or not, so peekture-taking would be splendid. Especially as I seem to have run out of kitsnaps photos, though I suspect I've got some waiting to be posted...

Rather inspired by peartreealley's discussion of adopting newbies on NNWM, I just went and posted the following on the NNWM boards; if you are a, or know of any, NNWM newbies, perhaps it'll be

Huh. Okay. Here we go.

I am not a newbie. My sixth published novel will be out in December, in fact; I do this professionally. I write urban fantasy under the name C.E. Murphy and spy/romance novels under the name Cate Dermody. You can find more information about me at my website,, so I'll just leave it at that.

Here's the deal. I'm not wading through thirty-five pages of "pick me, pick me!". If you'd like me to be your mentor, convince me. I want an application. Send me a private message (at ce_murphy on the NNWM boards) telling me:

- who you are
- what you write
- why you want to do NNWM
- what your writing goals are
- why I should choose you to mentor

I'm taking this seriously. I don't want to hear from people saying "OMG OMG OMG I don't even know what to WRITE!" I don't have time for that. Come to me with a plan and convince me that you're the person I should help work through plot kinks, writing blocks and edits.

-Catie, who, perhaps despite the tone of this message, is not actually a harridan :)

It's been colder than a titch's wit in here all day. Makes going back to the keyboard to work seem extra dismal. But I'm pretty sure this chapter (the same one from yesterday) will prove to be the last one, and I probably don't have more than 3000 more words on it, or, y'know, worst case scenario, 5000 (in which case I may not finish it today), but yeah, no point in putting off the inevitable.

-goes off, rather cheerfully-
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