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17K over the last 3 days is nothing at all like record speed for me, but it's enough to make me feel like I've done enough and should be done now. Not feeling the writery love today, partly because I got up later (having gone to bed much too late, O Foolish Author) and just plain not having as many words done as early in the day is kinda moopy-making. Plus I'm kind of farting around on a scene that's not really all that hard to write. I feel like I've Done Enough.

So it's Pep Talk Time! Here, you go, some insight into the psychology of a writer:

By gosh, Catie, you've already written 800 words, which is nigh unto twenty percent of what you have to do today! And once you hit twenty percent, then by gum you'll be *a fifth done*, and hell, it's practically all downhill from there! Why, twenty percent done puts you nearly halfway to halfway done, and everything after 2500 words is a breeze!

Why not challenge yourself a little? It worked like a dream yesterday, didn't it? 1000 words every 45 minutes, and then you get to take a 15 minutes break before you have to go back and do it again! And you only have to do that five times! Heck! Another 200 words and you only have to do it four times! That's not so bad, is it? *Anybody* can write 200 words. Certainly *you* can write 200 words!

(C'mon, everybody. Talk peppy to me. I've got two more chapters to get through and I'm draggin' ass. I'll be grateful for the rah rah rahs.)
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