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Ted, last night, while he was standing in the living room waiting for the cab to pick him up and bring him to work, read the top page of one of the copies of the QUEEN'S BASTARD manuscript that's lying around. (I think there are two copies currently floating around the house.) He came into the kitchen and said, in amazement, "It's all... *descriptive*. It's *gooey*."

I said, "*Gooey*?" and he considered that perhaps that was not the best word for him to have chosen. It was too late by then, of course, and I was muttering and mumbling and being vaguely offended (not really) while he said, "It's just not like anything else you've written! I was reading it and thinking, "My wife wrote that?"" Which is the whole *point*, and I'm pleased, but *gooey*?

(Really, he's right; compared to my usual style--which I think of as being efficient--it's gooey. And that is, in fact, the point: I'm genuinely trying to stretch them ol' wings in writing this, and approaching it from a completely different pace and storytelling style, and it's HARD, and I'm actually enjoying it a *lot*, although as I was doing dishes this morning and thinking about gooeyness, I did have this horrible moment where I thought, "And somebody's going to review it with something like, Murphy has left behind her usual urban fantasy pastiche with this novel. Unfortunately, she shouldn't have...," but then I remembered I don't read reviews anyway, so it's, er, okay. Or something.)

Why, yes, I am procrastinating, why do you ask?

Oh, and my nanowrimo login is ce_murphy. :)

Oh, mark twain: I realized that the reason nothing before 125K is an exciting number (well, 120 is pretty good) is because I always hate the 00-19 wordcounts: even if there's a 1 in front of that 00, what I see is the big depressing 00 or 07 or 13 or whatever and that means I HAVEN'T EVEN REACHED 20K ON THIS STINKING BOOK YET AND THERE ARE MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP, so bleh. I have to get through those before the numbers get satisfying again. (I feel the same way about my accumulative YTD wordcount. 300K is pretty awesome! 310K sucks. :))

Going to work now. Really.
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