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i am WEAK!

*giggles helplessly at self*

I should not. I should not be this weak, but there is a perfect and irresitable Princess Bride homage setup at the end of this chapter.

I *should not* end this chapter with, "We've a wedding to plan, a throne to topple, and Scotland to frame for it."

but i'm GOING TO

My editor will probably make me take it out. My editor probably *should* make me take it out. But by God I will keep it in until somebody makes me remove it. :)

Man. Writing today felt like pulling teeth. There were a couple of bits that were fun (and I've stopped in the midst of one of them, so hopefully it'll be fun to pick up again tomorrow), but mostly, man. I've reached this part of the book where I sort of feel like I'm standing back watching it appear on the screen, and I have absolutely no idea if I'm doing it right or if it'll come out properly, but I can't do anything else except keep going. I have no idea if this is normal. It probably is, but I can't quite actively remember this being normal. I made it to quota, and then quota was just 800 words shy of 100K, so I had to grind my teeth and plug along to 100K, and then I was just a couple-three hundred words short of 5K for the day, so I ended up with 5K and 100,000 words on the book.

carrot carrot carrot STICK!

Sadly, 105K on the book is not an especially exciting number (110K is the next exciting number, but it's not all that exciting), so I don't know if that'll work again tomorrow. It worked yesterday, but 95K is a more interesting number to strive for than 105. Don't ask why; I don't know. (Know what else is a nice number? 125K, or better yet, DONE. DONE is a *very* good number.)

(ETA: See, the worst thing about this job is that I have to apply my own discipline...)

miles to Isengard: 302
ytd wordcount: 335,100
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