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02 October 2006 @ 11:50 pm
i'm awake!  
In about twelve seconds my bright perkiness from walking home is going to wear off and I'm going to remember I've got a cold and collapse like a collapsy thing, but right now I'm all O.O and awake.

Class was good. The verb conjugations I never learned satisfactorily in high school (primarily nosotros/vosotros) did not, somehow, in the past sixteen years, magically clarify themselves in my mind, and still kick my ass. I must remember to *study*. I must not put studying off until tomorrow every single day. I must take an hour in the evenings and actually *do homework*, not that there really is any. But part of the reason I want to take a Spanish class is to actually learn those things which I did not learn in high school, so I have to *study*!

Got about an hours' writing done at the train station/on the train, so I ended the day with like 2700 words. I'm in the middle of a scene that's not going to last much longer, but I think I know what's happening next (there's something fairly obvious that needs to happen) and that scene might give me the setup to get to the end of the chapter, where the last element of doom comes in so everything can go steamrollng toward the end. :)

Oogh. Ok, the cold just came rolling back in. I feel all o.O now. I think I better go to bed.

miles to Isengard: 291.5
ytd wordcount: 320,200
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