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Well, my throat doesn't hurt as much right now, but my head does. I'll call it a win if the sore throat's not back in the morning. Wonder if we've got any aspirin, though...

Sort of despite myself, I did get the TQB edits done, at least on paper. Only cutting 4 or 8 pages instead of the 40 or 60 I thought I might be, but I think I pretty much need the character development in those pages, and it's only one or two scenes at the end where I've gone awry. Furthermore, I think the new scenes from the other points of view actually *work*, and I'm really happy about that. Pretty much the significant goal for the next day or two is to get myself to the end of the next chapter *properly*, because I know where it needs to end and I more or less hit critical mass at that point and while there's a massive amount of book to write after that, I *think* it'll basically roll along into the grand finale. I hope so, anyway. :)

Didn't go to the farmers' market, but I did walk the dog. It was a beoooteeful day. And I've emailed my colorist and artist, if not my letterer, so that's something, anyway.

Bed now.

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