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Despite overwhelming odds against me, I called and found out where my Spanish class was, and actually *went* to class last night. And it was a lot of fun. :) I'm the only person in the class who's had any Spanish, but as I can only remember present-tense conjucation of any verbs, I'm quite happy to be in there where I can study those sorts of things again. (Or, possibly more accurately, *study* for the first time...) Most of the people in the class holiday in Spain and are hoping to feel less like idiots when they do, which seems like a pretty good reason to take language classes. :) And it's a 10 week course, not an 8 week one, and we're meeting on Monday next week, not Wednesday. Must remember that.

We were standing around outside of class during break telling each other what we did for a living. I've started saying I'm a novelist, because, well, I am, and because when I say writer everybody wants to know what kinds of things I write anyway unless they think I've said rider, which gets *very* confusing, so "novelist" cuts out one step, except wow does that sound ... pretentious. O.O However, by the end of class when we were doing the incredibly badly written and not very interesting story-paragraphs from the book, I was thinking, "Boy, it'd be a lot more fun to read if I translated THE CARDINAL RULE into Spanish and brought it in... :)"

I got through a hundred or so pages of TQB yesterday before falling asleep. *laugh* Today I'm trying to pre-empt the nap by having slept in, but I fear it won't work. It's not, though, raining (*knock on wood*) so when the Horrible Sleepies get me, I should walk the dog instead of collapsing. Anyway, I think I like what I've done with introducing other PsOV. I've just got to get through to the last 3 or so chapters and see if they need to be there. Er. At least, as written.

Obviously the plan for the day is to go do that.

Just as soon as I'm done reading truepenny's MÉLUSINE.
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