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I got up early this morning for no discernable reason, finished up a scene, and have stitched TQB together so I could at least print it out and have a look at it. (I'm very proud of myself for cluing in relatively early in the "why isn't this going anywhere" process and making the move to print it out before I've lost weeks and weeks of time trying to figure out what's wrong.) I have 358 pages of manuscript right now, and another 35-60K (150-250 pages) to write. The reason I need to look at the whole thing, though, is it's possible I could/should/will cut 7-10K from what I've got. Which won't stop me from needing another 40 or 50K, but which might bring the whole monster down to something slightly less unweildy.

V. annoyed at myself. I was printing the ms out 2 pages to a page, except I forgot to do it for pages 101-200, so I've got this huge chunk of vertical text in the midst of hundreds of pages of horizontal. Ok, maybe that's not that big a deal, but it annoys *me*!

*puffs cheeks* What day is it. It's...Wednesday? Crap. I've gotta call about that class. (eta: called. class is at 7. must remember my reciept!) Anyway...well, we'll see how revising and whatnot goes today, won't we. I could make grand statements about what I'm going to get done by the end of the week, but *snort*. :)
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