kit (mizkit) wrote,

a poll, sponsored by my mom

So my Mom called me up and polled everyone at our house this evening, and she wanted me to in turn poll everyone online, because virtually all of my friends have gone to college (whether you graduated or not is completely irrelevant. It should not prevent you from participating in the poll).

She had two questions. The first:
Why did you go to college?

The second, a corollary to the first:
What did you find most difficult to adjust to, from high school to college?

For what it's worth, my answers to those questions are: My parents expected me to; and, learning to study. I did not, in fact, really learn to study in college, or indeed until after I'd graduated. Not until I took some online courses through Foothill did I develop the actual discipline to study.

So, anyway, why did you go to college?
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