kit (mizkit) wrote,

aaaand you're out!

Rejection letter from Luna on HEART OF STONE. Too romancey. Not surprised; that's what I thought they'd say, but as Angie said, fie on them!

It's a personalized rejection letter, though, and that counts for something. :) "I did think there was a nice sense of energy and feel to the story, but the tone and the scope was too intimate for it to work for us." So, y'know. :)

Fie! Fie! Fie on them!

Still in a very good mood, though. *laugh* I was looking at the stamp on the envelope, thinking 'ok, what kinds of stamps was I using last month? no, this stamp is too old to be a rejection letter on US'. *laugh*

If you're suffering for something to do, go read my post on why I hate Warren Ellis over on my real blog. I don't feel like double-posting it. :)

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