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Better day so far today, not that I've gotten as far as, oh, say, WRITING anything yet. I went down into Cobh with Ted and did a foggy-morning photo shoot before the post office opened. I think I've got some nice stuff, and I'm thinking maybe I'll post a gallery of them instead of putting them up on kitsnaps in slow motion, because I feel like showing off. Heh. Anyway, once the PO opened I paid bills and walked home, which wasn't a bad way to spend the morning.

I've now got all the rough draft letters (basically done in b&w without color splashes or anything) for issue #1. I am genuinely astonished at how few words I used. I'm going to have to look at the other issues and see if I was that terse in all of them. (I bet Melissa, my letterer, hopes so: she commented on how COOL it was to be able to do letters without cramming paragraphs into tiny spaces and to have room to play around with layout and stuff. *laugh* Now I'm going to feel terrible if I'm using too many words! :)) I'm going to do some edits and actually add some text in a few places, to help transitions, but overall I'm really pleased with the effect.

I've got to remember to call and find out what the deal with my Spanish class is, as I haven't heard from anybody about it. Maybe tomorrow I can go to Fota and get a membership. Big plans for the day: write, turn in HoC, laundry, shower, cook dinner. Not in any particular order, either.

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