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There. 5000 or so words today, more or less despite myself. Ted helped me figure out who the other POV character should be, and I've written several scenes with her now, and I'm probably going to have to print the book out and look at actual pages in order to figure out what works and what I need to cut from the original text. I also need to write at least one more scene from a 3rd POV character, and I think I know where it goes. I just gotta figure out what it is. And then all I have to do is write forty or fifty thousand more words and make it all turn out in the end.


Gosh, when I put it that way, it sounds so easy. o.o

I'm at the 'either this is going to be really good or it is the most unmitigated piece of crap anyone has ever written' stage. I'm also at the "how the hell am i ever going to get the rest of the story into a measly 50,000 words/christ do I have enough story left to get me 50K further?" stage. Usually this is a good sign...

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