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this i have to say:

I still have a whole thing I want to write about regarding the creation process of a comic book, but I'm waiting until I've got colors and letters for the whole first 5 pages before I do that, so I can make this whole thing with showing the step by step process I've gone through.

But this I have to say now: every time I open up my email to get another set of rough pages or a colored page or pencils or a logo idea or *whatever*, the whole thing cheers me up so much it makes me quite happy to go work on my prose projects. Given that I'm doing Chance as a total side project right now, with no pressure involved, that it is, in essence, my fun writing, this could not be a better reaction to seeing it come together. :)

Now, sure, as far as I'm concerned, everybody else is doing the *hard* stuff. I wrote the script. I don't have to draw it or color it or letter it (although out of those things, I think I could do the last one pretty well, given some practice). At this point I'm sort of sitting back and reaping the whirlwind, and it's *wonderful*. I've got two more scripts to write (and while I'd love to have them done before I submit the first issue to Image, it Ain't Gonna Happen, so no point in fussing about it), so in the "Catie has decided she is going to have the art done for the first full Chance story arc" scheme of things, I've still got some work to do, but the idea of doing so is *fun*. And then, hell, it's just about sitting here and watching talented people do amazing things with my words!

I did, in fact, finish chapter 10, btw. Go team go. :)
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