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things i have done...

Things I have done to procrastinate this morning:

- cleaned the kitty litter
- thrown out the recycleables
- written back to my colorist and artist to tell them they're fantastic
- checked my websites
- decided (yet again) that i must be a better childreach sponsor and write to my sponsored kids
- written a blog entry

Things I could do to further procrastinate:

- clean the kitchen (at 1100 words written/lunch time)
- make bread (at 2200 words)
- do laundry (ditto above)
- actually write to my sponsored kids
- go to western union
- sit here trying to think of other procrastinatory techniques

I .must. finish chapter 10 today. My brain keeps saying, "Well, shit, you'll only have about 7 more chapters after that, what's the big deal?" and refusing to listen to the part where the answer is "These chapters are each SEVEN THOUSAND WORDS LONG, ASSHOLE!" I need 3 or 5 days or something where I give myself no quarter and have no excuse to do anything but write.

...typically that means I should go lock myself in a hotel room somewhere for several days. Um. I have this nifty new Dana. Perhaps I'll consider that. (Man. Suddenly I wish I could pop over to my aunt and uncle's cabin and lock myself in and write there. But it'd presumably cost more to fly to Alaska and do that than it would to lock myself in a hotel room here... :))
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