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One expects to get throughly soaked when one goes swimming. One expects it somewhat less on the walk home, especially when it was amazingly beautiful out when one *got* to the pool. :) The last 200 yards home I gave up on the poor wind-mangled umbrella entirely and just splooshed through the downpour. :)

They turned the temp down in the pool. Not quite enough, IMHO, but distinctly more than it had been, and it is *much* more swimmable now. I did 1500 yardsmeters and decided that was enough for somebody who had to walk home and try to do a great deal of writing today because she didn't do any at all yesterday. o.o

Uh. Oh, hey, I went out and MET PEOPLE last night. Ted's coworkers were doing a pub crawl and we went down and crawled with them, at least to a few. Learned there are in fact no trad music pubs in Cobh. :P Got my ear yelled in enough to actually make me start cringing at any high-pitched noise, so after that we headed out, but it was a lot of fun. Ted's boss felt very strongly that I should really tie one on. *laugh* I, however, did not feel that I should do that, as having a hangover for three days when I have approximately one zillion words to write in the next 4-6 weeks would be extremely foolish. Anyway, very nice people, and it was fun to go out. :)

All right. I've got to eat something and then write until my little brain falls out of my little head.

Oh, but oh oh oh, Ardian sent me a rough idea for the first Chance cover, and OMG. *laugh* It's great.

Ack. Waugh. Sorry for flist spam for those of you who have kitsnaps friended. I'd noticed the RSS feed hadn't been picking up, and it finally did this morning. Sorry 'bout that. o.O

_Food_. _Writing_. _Really_.

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