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I'm at a loss. YouTube vid feeds have been making my browser (firefox) freeze up when I watch them. In a fit of trying to fix it, I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it fresh and did updates.

Now it freezes and crashes if I go to a page with a YouTube feed embedded in it at all.

I've gone and gotten the various upgraded plugins for quicktime and java and flash and yaddayadda, and it's making no difference at all. I can't even get back to where I *was*, which at least allowed me to *watch* a video before I crashed. (note: I appear to have gotten back to something resembling that point, wherein I can watch at least part of a video before I crash. Gosh. Yay.)

Every time I go to a page that has Shockwave Flash embedded in it, my browser tells me, "Shockwave Flash: This plug-in has performed an illegal operation. You are strongly advised to restart Firefox." This happens, for example, when I go to the Doonesbury Daily Dose page. If I click the 'don't tell me this again' box, the browser will continue to run for a while and eventually freezes up and dies.

Internet Explorer simply refuses to load anything Shockwave related, apparently. If I go to the Doonesbury page with it, I get 'errors loading page' and the shockwave app doesn't open. If I go to youtube, it tells me I'm either not running the latest version of shockwave (I am) or I don't have javascript enabled (I don't even know how to turn js off, much less on again). If I go to have it download and install the latest version of shockwave, nothing happens at all.

i'm running XP. So is Ted. Ted is not having this problem with his computer. I'm running Service Pack 1. I believe I haven't upgraded because Ted's experience with SP1 was that it totally horked City of Heroes. I haven't looked to see if that issue's been resolved. Is it possible upgrading to SP2 would help? If not, does anybody have *any* freaking clue what's wrong with my goddamned computer?

I know I was told earlier that Flash & Firefox weren't a good combination, but shit, it's not just FF, it's IE too. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
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