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up, up and away!

The brilliant thing about getting up at 6:15 is that at a quarter to 10 I have 2500 words written. I could probably have made a mad dash and gotten to 3K by 10, but I think my chapter ended and I know what the next scene is, and I have to catch the train into Cork at 10:30 and do errands, so I'm just going to go with 2500 for now and write more this afternoon when the sun is no longer shining merrily into my office.

I didn't swim this morning. I'm letting myself off the hook on that because I expect to walk 6 or so miles today, and because I do have all these errands to run and it was either swim or write this morning, so I thought writing was more important. Maybe I'll see if there's adult swim on Saturdays.

thinks to do:
- get cat food
- shop
- sign up for spanish class
- laundry
- write more
Tags: daily life, thinks to do

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