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The wire transfer went through. Lookit that, the US bank was right all along, they didn't need a SORT or SWIFT code. I really don't *care*, though, as long as it's *gone through*.

Now I get to pay bills. Jeez. Do I know how to have fun, or what?

There was something else yesterday that made me very cheerful, but now I can't remember what. Perhaps it was the banking thing. Oh, no, it was that I got email from my elementary school teacher--the one who told a six-year-old me to keep writing--saying he'd read CARDINAL and FIREBIRD and had enjoyed them both and was looking forward to PHOENIX. *beam* That's so neat. :)

This is one of several writing icons. I trade this one out for whatever C.E. Murphy book is up next. It used to be URBAN SHAMAN, and when I get the COYOTE DREAMS cover, that'll go up here.

The I've been doing art icon. The original version of the drawing is here.

*laugh* Lemme see if I can find the original of this picture. It's much easier to see what's going on in a larger version...

Here we go. This is three cats in a box: what happened here was Lucy went in. Daniel (aberdeen's cat) went in with her. Lucy got pissed off about Daniel being in there. Lucy left. Zilli went in. Lucy got pissed off about Zilli AND Daniel being in there WITHOUT her, and crawled *back* in, over both of them, all the way to the back, there.

I use this for my social icon. :)

Lucy periodically 'helps' me with my writing. It keeps me pinned in the chair, which is in fact helpful, at least when she's content to sit and not head-butt my elbows or climb on the keyboard!

I made this icon for a friend who has recently begun pushing the boundaries of what she's comfortable with and discovering that she is in fact more than capable of achieving things that she thought were out of her reach. Every success makes the next one seem a little more possible, and as she put it, "It's like I've spent my whole life huddling under the porch light, and somebody turned it off and showed me the stars." I'm actually quite proud of this icon.

I have a lot of Wolvie icons. I like this one because, hey, he's Wolverine. It's always just a flesh wound, no matter how bad it is. Some days are like that, and it's a good icon for those days.

This is the Wolvie icon I skipped the other day before I'd decided I was going to eventually do this meme for all of them. There is absolutely nothing meaningful about this one except it is Teh Sexay and I love the angle. I think it's just an awesome, awesome pose.

I took this picture a couple years ago. Somebody told me a while ago it looked like something that should be used as a Trump card (think videophone with teleportation capabilities on the higher end models) for an Amber game. I thought that was cool. Keyword is 'sexy', cause I think it is. :)
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