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a .very. fine mood!

I am in a very fine mood!

I have written four thousand words after (and including) wrenching this chapter around to keep the scene I really liked but which was from the wrong POV, and it *works*. I have broken 60K on this book. There is a great deal of sex. (It's ironic. I've been struggling with making the Old Race sexy enough, whereas TQB I'm like, "BRING IT ON, BABY" to the point of thinking, "Ok, is this next bit of boinking actually relevant enough to the plot to put in there, or is it just sexy so I want it there?" (Mind you, I fully intend to put it in there, if for no other reason than it makes starting the next chapter relatively easy. I can always take it out again later, if necessary. In the meantime, I may not be able to let my parents read this book...)) My god. I'm really enjoying writing this. (And not just enjoying writing the sex, you perverts.) This is great!

I have gotten email from a friend, Lee Roland, who has finalled in the RMFW conference contest every year since 2001, when we met, and who this year WON and who has gotten an AGENT and whose books will start being pitched SOON! I am SO EXCITED over that! *laugh* *beam* YAY!

In other RMFW news, Robin Owens, fellow Luna author and generally splendid gal, got punked by her critique group, to my high hilarity. I wish I'd been able to go to the con this year. Next year, dammit! Next year I shall go!

Ooh! I got my Dana from autopope! The screen is larger than I imagined, with 10 or 12 lines visible, so that's going to work really nicely, I think. It's plenty to write on. The keyboard is, of course, screwy for an American, with the " key being above the 2 (*why*?) and the left-hand shift key being too small and with the \ key next to it, causing me to type "\\ word" pretty regularly at the beginning of sentences. I'll adapt. The enter key is also too small and too far away, but again, I expect I'll adapt. The weight is *perfect*; it's even less than Little, which weighs practically nothing, *and* it's got nineteen million hours of battery life. I can't wait for an excuse to go on enough of a train ride to give it a real trial run. :)

Oh, *man*. I just ran the 4th Chance script past knappenp, after discussing it some with him, and he liked how I finished it up, thought it worked, which made me happy, and I said he was right about something else for issues 5&6, and he put out another idea that was obvious and yet I hadn't thought of it, which will make it an even better story. Note to self: run plotlines by him regularly. (He adds, "And run the art by thenomain.")

Speaking of Chance, my artist has made the transition to full-time comics artist. Let us hope Chance gets picked up. O.O :)

Man, I'm in a good mood. :)

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