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I have begun THE QUEEN'S BASTARD. 'Begun' is something of a misnomer, since there were, at the beginning of the day, 49,400 words written on it. I've re-started it, anyway, and have managed, I think, to deal with the scene that I didn't write because I didn't know it needed to be there until it wasn't, and now it is. I think it is there in sufficient quantity. If it is not, then it's because the book needs another POV character, and it's not lending itself to that. We'll see what ends up happening. (Ted cheerfully suggested last night that I take the scenes I've written from other POVs, print them, include them with the final manuscript, and say to my editor and agent, "Here. You guys figure out where these bits go." The idea is appealling. :))

So not a bad writing day, really. I ended up with...well. 3500 *new* words is something of a misnomer, as there was one scene written that I rewrote some and worked in, and a few bits from other scenes I did the same with. Still, I'm counting 'em all. I'm at 53K now. My editor wants this book to come in at 125K. I think it'll come in around 150, and have a vague fear it's going to get completely away from me and that somewhere around 200K I'm going to have to accept that I have written 2 books in the place of one. (That would not be entirely bad, just, you know. Not what I planned.) :)

Right now, having gone through some fifty thousand words of it, I /like/ this book. My only actual fear in writing it is that I won't do it justice (my God, I'm channelling matociquala!). Now, whether I still like it tomorrow after I've tried wrassling a story I haven't worked on in two years back into my brain, and figuring out what happens next, is another question *entirely*, isn't it. But we won't worry about that just yet. :)

Turns out the set-dancing thing on Mondays at the Commodore (where Ted works) is a private function, not an open class, so I skipped swimming this morning for a dance class I can't go to. Oops. Oh well. At least I walked the dog, and perhaps after dinner I'll take myself for another longer walk. (eta: ooh! ted just called to say he'd gotten in good with somebody and i can go down wednesday evening to watch the dancers and talk with them! my husband LUFFS me!)

Ok. Food, then something not-at-a-computer for at least a few hours today. *scoots*

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