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tiny bubbles

Dad sent a link of the American Film Institute's 25 top-rated musicals. We all agreed that "Singin' in the Rain" unquestionably belonged in the #1 spot, but promptly fell to disagreeing about, oh, everything else. Mom and I both think "Silk Stockings" belongs in at least the top 10, if not the top 5, and it's not even *on* the list. And while "Guys & Dolls" is the best musical ever (*even* outranking "Singin'"), the movie is no good at all. (Oh, *God* how I wish they'd make a new "Guys & Dolls", with Hugh Jackman as Sky!)

I'm making a batch of graham crackers that I suspect will be tasty but not very graham-cracker-like, mostly due to the very coarse wheat flour I've got. I also followed the directions where it said 'add a 1/4 cup of cold water' and only just now as I type this do I realize the reason it got Very Wet was because I'd halved the recipe, except that part. Oop. So I put the dough in the fridge before trying to bake it. :) (In my defense, the water was not actually part of the recipe, but was added in the instructions, so I wasn't thinking in terms of halves by that point.)

Also baking a batch of snack bars, which *will* turn out. :)

Walked to the store. On the way, four horses, one of them blue-eyed, permitted me to sritch them. Actually, one of them permitted me to scritch it, and did the "ooooogh, hands *goooood*" half-lidded eye thing while the rest of them snuffled me suspiciously. The blue-eyed one's eyes were remarkable.

Saw where they're clearing to build a new housing estate. Maybe the influx of all those new houses will make someplace affordable enough to buy!

I accidentally read the two books I'd been planning to read today (POISON STUDY, by Maria V. Snyder, and PRINCESS AT SEA, by Dawn Cook) yesterday instead. Fortunately, I've still got several lying around to read, so I think I may give one a go tonight, and then read THE QUEEN'S BASTARD. Or maybe I'll just read TQB and watch some tv/movies with my Ted. :)

(Hm. Graham 'crackers' are very, very tasty. Possibly more cookie-like than cracker-like, but very tasty. Texture is wrong, due at least in part to the flour, but overall very nice. Further experimentation is required!)

(Hm, twice. Trying graham crackers has notified me that I am Hungry. I think I shall Do Something About That.)

I want this book.

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