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Apparently within the US, the SWIFT code is something for outgoing wire transfers. A friend of mine who works for the bank in question seems to have gotten it all figured out, and I am assured that with the data I have in hand it will work, so long as the bank here is willing to actually try it. Which they have indicated they are. So I will try again tomorrow.

In the meantime, I seek the Knowledge of Livejournal for some book research questions. ursulav and matociquala, I beseech you to point people toward this entry, as your readerships are far more vasty than mine and perhaps if there are questions my flist can't answer, somebody on one of yours can.

- new yorker question: is the major fountain in central park lit at night (you know, the one that's featured in all the movies)? what kind of stone is laid around the fountain, or is it concrete? where's it located in the park?

- lawyer question: what's it called when a lawyer is doing the initial preparation for a case hearing, to present to the court whether or not it's worth holding a trial over? is there a specific word for that?

- anybody know if a private welcoming reception for a U.N. peace ambassador would be held at the actual U.N. or off-site at a schmoozy hotel or some such?

- lawyer question: if somebody pleads guilty to a crime, does that automatically remove any right to an appeal?

- lawyer question: if a defendent is accused of rape, is it called rape or is it sexual assault to an Nth degree? looking on the net seemed to suggest it's called rape, but if i can get that clarified that'd be great.

- what's a really nice high-quality pen brand?

- lawyer question: in a courtroom, the tables where the lawyers sit are the benches, right? prosecution's bench, defence's bench?

- when an electric light burns out, there's a little sharp acrid scent that goes with it. what makes that smell, just the heated metal or is it ozone or something?

- anybody know what the underlying material of elementary-style cafeteria tables is? plywood? pressed board? bueller? bueller?

- ...anybody have a reasonable grasp on London's physical and social structure in 1666? I need a location for a not-wealthy-but-not-destitute person to come from, someone whose information might be in parish records with a chance of them not having been destroyed by the fire.
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