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thinks to do today

- finish up HoC edits & post research questions here
- laundry
- change the kitty litter :p
- bake a cake or two
- bake bread
- walk dog
- grin like goddamned idiot over the couple pages of roughs ardian sent me for chance 2

I didn't swim this morning. I did, however, walk all over hell and breakfast trying to find bittersweet chocolate in Cobh and completely failed. My sister's birthday cake will have to be semi-sweet chocolate instead of bittersweet. Somehow I think she'll survive. :)

eta: ...okay, livejournal wins, I lose, I don't care. I changed my mood theme to the highly (to me, anyway) amusing Rogue and Gambit theme created by gaueko_izar and in doing so rewrote my color codes. LJ wins. I lose. Maybe later I'll try again. *exasperated look*

several hours later, eta: guess which of these things is not going to get done today... :)

miles to Isengard: 245
Tags: daily life, lj_geek_failure

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