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more bullet point life

- a package from ted's mom arrived. it is a package that was sent may 31. it has melted chocolate chips, exploded corn meal, and crisco in it. *laugh* we now have enough corn meal to last FOREVER. :)

- SQUEE! looks like WINTER MOON has been published in French, and THUNDERBIRD FALLS will be out in France in January! rock on!

- finished colors for page one of chance here

- SQUEE! mark two: the leisure centre here has opened! i must go over there and find out when adult swim is!

- picoreview: Match Point. ted and i watched this today. it's *extremely* well performed and well written and i spent most of the movie actually slightly nauseated over the situation and anticipation of its potential outcomes because it was so very well performed, but i did not enjoy watching it

- i believe i'm sold on the dana.

- that's all i can think of right now :)
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