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First editing pass is done. I feel like I've fixed pathetically little in it, although I think I did manage to fix the problem where I'd written approximately 6 work days and 3 weekend days into the 8 days the novel covers. o.O Tomorrow I'll transfer back to the other computer and fix the scenes I've left notes for myself in, and with any luck I'll collect all the questions I need to put to the Great Minds Of LiveJournal and get them posted tomorrow night so Thursday I can finish the last pass and submit it. That would be very nice.

My Clever Plan for after that is to relax and read until the 3rd, at which point I start re-reading and thinking about TQB, which I will start writing on Monday. COYOTE revisions have, by necessity, been put off for a while.

rob_donoghue pointed me at the Dana, an Alphasmart product which is probably a much, much more practical and sensible purchase for me than an actual laptop, since what I require from a laptop is word processing capability and a trivial weight that allows me to carry it easily for travel. The Dana has massive battery power, weighs less than any of the ultralight laptops I've looked at, and is a fifth or less the price than any of them. Its only flaw is the smallish screen, but y'know, I could adapt. I'm seriously thinking I should get one of these. (My retro pen and paper works, obviously, but man, typing is faster, and man, twice, is it easier to read than handwriting done on a moving, rattling train...!)

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