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I'm printing out HOUSE OF CARDS to do edits on it. In skimming veryveryquickly as I put all the separate chapters together, I become reluctantly willing to concede that there may be *something* salvageable in this book.

I am always surprised by this moment. No one else is, but I always am.

Colorist is hired. I've found a letterer, too. It looks like we're very probably on for an October 1 submission date. Wow. *boggle*

debela snikily sent me "Anne of a Thousand Days", which she says I must watch and which I shall watch as a reward for getting my editing done. Two sets of revisions and one more book and then I can makeplead with her to send me more Gilmore Girls! o.o

Poor Ted. *sigh* He covered for people who were out earlier this week and did 30 hours in 3 days or something, and he was supposed to have the rest of the week off, but his boss's mother died and everything is chaos and he's working again tonight and tomorrow. :( :( on many counts, both for his boss's mother, but because I am selfish, mostly on his behalf.

Maybe, if you're really really lucky, and I'm really really procrastinating, tomorrow you'll get a little essay on How Catie Edits A Manuscript! :)

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