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threw it out, started again...

I've been sitting here for days going nowhere with the first chapter of HANDS OF FLAME. This morning I threw out what I had and started again, switching to the other viewpoint character instead of the one who starts the first two books (but tied the openings to all three together by using a line very similar to HoS's first line (which may be too kitschy, but which works for me for the moment) even though the viewpoint character had changed), and I've written some 1300 words this morning. This is by no stretch of the imagination a massive amount, or even enough, and shortly I'll go back to work and get up to 2K or better yet, finish the whole first chapter (I do believe I know where it ends), but it is a *start*. What I had before was a dead end. This feels *so* much better.

*suddenly looks at the userpic for this entry* I could go get my hair cut to that length. O.O

For those of you who aren't familiar with Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work, and who have any interest in comic books and how they're written/drawn or how to write/draw them, Neil posted that the originals have been discovered and scanned in, so if you're like me (and apparently like everyone else on the planet) and have only got or seen a faded grey photocopy scan, this is really very cool. I'd forgotten about it, and now that I've been reminded I'm printing a copy out and keeping it nearby while I work on scripts. It's just an awesome resource.

I've gotten some genuinely gorgeous colors for Chance (since I'm now on about comics). My favorite coloring for Chance herself so far has been from thenomain, who has come up with some goddamned clever thoughts about not just the costume coloring but the psychology behind it, things I wouldn't have thought of. I may have to present his rendition to whomever I end up hiring, so we can talk about the possibility of using some of his coloring, because I *really* like where he's gone with it. I've given people a Wednesday or Thursday deadline (need to email those I haven't head from and remind them of that) and will post when I've got the colors all galleried, 'cause I'll be interested to hear what readers think. (Odds that what you think will influence me are pretty low, but it'll be interesting to hear it!) Will make a decision Friday, and go from there!

Boy. I may not have exactly intended to take a week off, but I think my brain is happier for it. I'm feeling excited about things, today. :)
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