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laid-back day

I'm feeling very mellow, due to having stayed up far too late last night. I'm not accomplishing much, or at any great rate of speed, but I did at least manage to finally call the bank and ask what happened to the check I deposited in May (I've been meaning to do this since July), so they're investigating that. I also paid bills, thanks to rain_girl_ak's helpful Western Unioning. If I'm very together I might call my bank in Alaska tonight and actually talk to a live human person about the codes the bank here says it needs to wire money. *exasperated look* Oh well. At least I'm finally moving on it.

Been fiddling with my proposal for HANDS OF FLAME. Not getting far, but fiddling, and observing how very much this is like Maureen Johnson's post about how to write a book (link via dancinghorse). (I sent that URL to my family, and Mom said, "*laugh* That's why you have Chronic Hair Syndrome and Compulsive Rearrange My Webpage Disorder," which is EXACTLY RIGHT. Guess who wants to cut her hair today...)

Ted is far too good a person. He worked a morning shift, 7-3, and came home for an hour and is going back to cover for his boss, who's sick. And he only got about 5 hours of sleep last night. Poor guy. Good guy.

Oh, hey, the bank called me back. They lost the check! On the U.S. end, not the Irish end, but it's lost. For heaven's sake.
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