kit (mizkit) wrote,

no mystery novels...

I didn't have any mystery novels, so I was obliged to read Allen Steele's COYOTE trilogy today. Good stuff. I have a couple hours before I meet Robin on CoH. I'm thinkin' maybe I can fit one more book in, if I can find one lying around that I want to read. Or maybe I'll make a cake, which debela has put me in mind of.

Or maybe I'll make a dinner with no morally redeeming qualities except its ease. That part I'm already doing, so there's little question of it getting done.

Wow. I take a few days off writing and have nooothing to say, eh? Except Ted and I watched the first couple episodes of Tru Calling last night, and it was better than either of us expected it to be. I must, tangently, get LFN4 and Smallville 5. And Alias 5. And however much Gilmore Girls is available...

Yeah, ok, I'm boring me, too.

miles to Isengard: 231

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