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grumpy morning.

Stupid bank called and told me they needed other information in order to send money. The American bank gave me all the information they said I needed. I have no idea which side is right, but I've emailed the American bank and asked for the other things the Irish bank wants and we'll see if any of them exist in American banks. *sigh* And I forgot to ask them where the holy living hell my check that I deposited *three months ago* is. I have to call again tomorrow, because hey, Alaska's 9 hours behind Ireland, so there's no way I'm going to get the information in time for today's business hours here, so maybe I'll be smart enough to remember to ask about the check when I talk to them tomorrow. *sigh* Grumpy me.

I'm avoiding working on HoC. I'm doing this--well, by farting around on the computer right now, but in the slightly larger scheme, by doing the line edits for PHOENIX. This is what is known as advanced flicking: procrastinating on one form of work by doing another form. I also copied Chance 4 to a brain stick (which I left downstairs, oops) so I could print it out and work on that in my notebook instead of working on HoC revisions. I *also* had a small epiphany on what I needed to do to rewrite ANGLES, but that, unfortunately, is not the kind of flicking I get to do. Flicking as I know it right now has to be end-game productive. How lame is that?

Lunch. Then work. And maybe Superman Returns, later this afternoon...
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