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a small icon explosion

I spent more time than is strictly reasonable today visiting icon sites and collecting X-Men icons. Then tonight dduane posted a link to some of Ed Benes' work, and for some reason I just *had* to make an icon from one of the pictures. So now I have to show off my new icons, because I'm a dork. :)

Snurched these:

re-edited the text on this one:

and made this one:

And dammit, I forgot about the fireworks, and so am at home where I can't see them instead of being in Cobh where I could. :P Oh well. At least I walked several miles and did a drawing tonight. And I did laundry! And I wrote a synopsis, and god damn it, the cat has gone out the window again. *fetches him*, and, um. And Ted, who is a hero, cleaned the kitchen, for which I am extremely, extremely grateful. So I guess even if I forgot the fireworks it's been a pretty decent day. :)

miles to Isengard: 223
Tags: 1000 drawings, art, iconlove, icons, x-geek

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