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Ho Lee

Ho Lee Cow, boys and girls. I've got a comic book.

No colors yet, no letters. But Ardian just sent me the last of the inks, and I decided I'd post the first five pages, from roughs to inks, for people to see. I'll probably add colors and letters when I get 'em. This is pretty goddamned cool. :)

(Mom and I were talking about how comic book scripts are written, and I explained that I write out all the panels the way I imagine then, and she sort of stared at me and said, "What on earth would possess a person who doesn't visualize to try to write a comic book?" "Well," said I, "I had no idea people *did* visualize when I started this. I thought it was this hard for everybody!")

Ardian's going to start the roughs for the second issue. I'm going to find a colorist. Early this fall, we'll make our move to conquer the comics universe. Muahahahah. :)
Tags: chance, comics, smugsmugsmug, visualizing

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