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Today has been the kind of day where I've never really gotten dressed. I mean, I am wearing clothes, but they aren't recognizeable as the sort of thing you might be willing to leave the house in. Consequently, I haven't. I should probably do some laundry tonight.

I've finished chapters 27-29. The book is 444 pages long and 103 thousand words or so. I have 3-5 chapters left. debela says if I write a chapter tonight, she'll do 20 things on her to-do list.

I'm going to write about the con instead. :)

I got up to Belfast around 4:30 on Friday, long enough to go to the Belfast City Hall, get rained on, have some dinner, and take a cab out to Queens University where the con was being held. I was wearing my "You Can't Stop The Signal" t-shirt, on the theory that geeks would immediately identify my as One Of Them and point me in the right direction.

Upon arriving at the University, there was no one around who looked at all geeky, so I went into the bar where the only two not-at-all-geeky people there immediately said, "Are you with the con?"

(Ok, the truth is, the only other person in the bar was the bartender. Let us not get bogged down by details.)

Friday night was spent largely hanging out with mysticmoose, until he heartlessly abandoned me and a very nice guy named Tommy and an equally nice guy named Colin and went to play on a SF/F quiz team that did MUCH better than we did. We, in fact, proudly declared that we had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, but the truth was we hadn't come anywhere near the jaws of victory. We came in dead last, after such humiliating failures as being unable to remember the name of the good G'o'auld in SG1 ("Tauree? No, those are the humans! T..T...*fuck*! Fuck! What the fuck are they?! T..."), or Bruce Campbell's last name, or ... well, I *did* know why the rum was gone, and what level mutant Jean Grey was in X3, but I allowed my teammates to insist that the colors jade came in were blue and green when I was quite sure they were green and white, and there were plenty that the guys knew right off, but, er, well. We got 29 out of 70. Ok, maybe there weren't *plenty*. We needed chefted with us. :)

Y'know, aside from having a really very excellent time in general, I don't specifically remember much else from Friday night. Onward, then, but, um, not til later. I think I'll go watch a movie. :)

Pictures from MeCon are here. I don't remember half the people's names (and can't spell slovobooks's, though having just looked at it on his LJ his first name's not that hard to spell after all, but now I'm not logged into the admin thingy on the cemurphy site), so if you want to tell me who people are I'll notate properly sometime, well, later. :)

miles to Isengard: 218
ytd wordcount: 274,500
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