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Sugar Wars: A Corner Turned

I’ve turned a corner with this whole thing. Since Sunday I’ve been…pretty indifferent to the idea of treats. I mean, I had my Thursday hot chocolate, but I had a discussion with myself about it and got it after the movie I went to, when I’d actually gotten to some level of hunger, instead of shortly after lunch & before the movie when I was quite full but trying hard to convince myself that I really needed to get that hot chocolate now. I finally was like “no, really, why would you?” and walked away from it until I had actual appetite.

I ate sensibly all the way around the rest of the day, too, which is really unusual, as Thursdays are kind of my Indulgence Day, and I don’t berate myself for whatever I might eat on that day.

I did have four small cookies and a glass of milk after dinner tonight, but it wasn’t even vaguely an OH MY GOD I MUST HAVE SWEETS kind of thing. I had millions of calories left in my budget and a variety of things I could have chosen, but I thought cookies just sounded nice, so I baked up a few and ate them and they were *lovely*…and I didn’t even remember that I’d baked up more so Ted (who had gone to a movie) could have a few too. Usually that would be a fingernails in the couch cushions keeping myself away from them kind of thing, so…yeah. I feel like I’ve turned a corner.

I also still ended up miles under my calorie budget, which was a totally unexpected but nice bonus. I have, in fact, been on or under budget all week (unless I’m hopelessly miscounting my intake, but I try hard to overestimate rather than underestimate), which is the first time that’s happened in this entire process. If I can get through tomorrow, and I have no reason to expect I can’t at this point, I’ll have 7 full days of on-budget eating, which is pretty great.

And now I’m going to bed, because my eyes are very tired.

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Tags: fitness, food, sugar wars

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