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03 March 2017 @ 01:32 pm
last PT session for a while  

Saw my PT again yesterday. I can tell I’ve loosened up by the fact that most of what she’s doing now causes comparatively little agony (I still like having my calves worked on best, because there are no knots!), but ‘comparatively little’ is still leaving me wiped out and sore. But there’s a lot less fasciculation when she goes after a knot now, which suggests to me that the muscles are not so hopelessly frozen together.

I apparently mucked up my lower back sometime in the past week, because she was all “have you been lifting things?” and really dragged me around some yesterday. I can’t really tell if I feel better or just tired. (No, I do feel better.)

Tragically, I’ve run out of my magic gift card sessions, so I won’t be able to go back as often. I’d keep going back weekly for the next three months, if I could.

I need to invest some kind of discipline in exercise, but right now it’s all tied up in not eating sugar. *sigh*

Ok, that’s all I got right now.

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