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Sugar Wars: Day 6

Today was a Day Out, with all that entails, which mostly means it’s goddamn near impossible to count calories. We went out for lunch AND dinner, and I’m pretty sure the number of calories ingested is All Of Them, which, sadly, my calorie tracker does not have an option for.

I made a weak stab at counting them by wild generalization, but I’m pretty sure that even 15 falafels does not cover the caloric intake of this evening. (I didn’t eat 15 falafels. I ate one. And one of a million other delicious things.) I’m chalking it up under “made the effort, that counts,” because honestly, just no clue, and what matters is having put SOMETHING down in the calorie counter instead of just wailing and walking away from the whole project for three months as is typical.

What I do know is that I ate both lunch and dinner until I was full but not overfull. I was very hungry for lunch and modestly hungry for dinner (I’d have been more so had I not indulged in, as predicted, a hot chocolate mid-afternoon), and I’d have imagined I would be stuffed to the gills and not at all hungry until well into tomorrow, after dinner.

I was, in fact, hungry enough 3 hours later to have an apple and cheese, which suggests to me that probably I really *didn’t* over-eat. (It was not, as someone Helpy on Twitter suggested, a lack of protein, as dinner contained plenty of protein. Just in case anybody’s wondering, none of this is an invitation to comment on my imagined, or unimagined, eating habits. It’s a chronicle for my own sake, for encouragement, and for anybody who might want or need to be doing the same kind of thing I’m doing and who is looking for solidarity. All other commentary should be deleted before posting, or off it can fuck.)

In other news, I’m mostly over my cold but holy hell was I *tired* today, and there are many potential influencing factors there: making an effort to get my 10K+ steps in daily (an increase of, say, 40%, maybe, over what I’ve been averaging?), the drop in caloric intake, and/or the shock of coming off sugar. I’m making a pretty concerted effort to eat regularly, so I’m inclined to think it’s more the exercise/shock combination, but jeez, louise.

Bed now, anyway. G’night, world.

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