kit (mizkit) wrote,

Sugar Wars: Day 4

I mean, as threatened, I had that hot chocolate today, but it was kind of like my lunch, so, IDK, that counts for something, right? I don’t know what it counts for, but something.

The truth is I might have one on Saturday too, since I’ll be near the hot chocolate shop again, but aside from those liquid indiscretions, still going just fine. We’ll see how things go next week when I won’t be in Dublin as often and there’ll be less hot chocolate opportunity, but y’know, so far so good. And honestly, even if I do have three hot chocolates this week, that’s still not nearly the caloric value of all the stuff I usually eat, so pfshhht. And if it turns out this helps me wean off sweets, that’s great. If not, eh, that’s fine too.

Anyway, these aren’t very exciting little posts, but nobody said blogs had to be exciting all the time.

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Tags: fitness, food, sugar wars

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