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Women’s March: Dublin

This will be a long picture-heavy post, so I’m going to open it with a fresh link to my IT’S A REBELLION: I REBEL t-shirt at Zazzle. I don’t actually know if they’ll let me keep it up and if they don’t I won’t put it up again, so get it now while the getting is good.

I went to the Dublin arm of the International Women’s March on Washington last Saturday. There were 2-3000 people marching here, which thrills me (although honestly, it doesn’t make me as happy as the 2000 people who turned out in Anchorage during a snowstorm, of the 2000 who turned out in Fairbanks in -25 degree weather, or the people who marched on Adak (the US’s westernmost municipality), or in Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow), or IN ANTARCTICA, but it still makes me pretty goddamn happy), and the truth is that although I didn’t really want to go (I had a cold, my sister wasn’t able to march, etc), I was really, really glad I did. It made me feel better.

20170121_123743 I came dressed in symbolism. Lemme tell you what’s going on in this picture:
LOVE: but not just love, because 1. total Supernatural geek shirt, and 2. that stylized “O” is the symbol that protects the heroes of Supernatural from demons, so…yeah
PEACE: vintage peace, in fact; that’s my Mom’s peace necklace from the 60s. Obviously I was also wearing it in her memory and honor in the Women’s March.
RED & BLACK: ready to fight for the above
HOT CHOCOLATE: look, it was cold out :)

But seriously, I chose what I was wearing on Saturday carefully. I’d have worn my IT’S A REBELLION: I REBEL t-shirt, except I’ve gained a lot of weight over the last six months and it doesn’t fit. So I went with something else, but I knew what I was doing.

The start of the Women’s March in Dublin, January 21, 2017
the start of the women's march in dublin

“We are many, they are few.” This, along with the sign that said MANY SNOWFLAKES MAKE A STORM (which I didn’t get a picture of), heartened me more than anything else. Those two phrases just really helped me.
We are many, they are few.

“Tell me what democracy looks like! / This is what democracy looks like!”

There was a loooot of Princess Leia representing, and I can’t help thinking that Carrie Fisher would have just been so fucking pleased.

Rest of the pics behind the cut. :)










Opposite sides of the same sign:


Shepherd Fairey’s WE THE PEOPLE posters represented. Also, I just loved the “what the actual fuck” poster, which is referencing the bit in the Irish constition that says a woman’s place is in the home. (I’m not even kidding. It’s in the constitution.)






This sign was carried by a young man. The other side said “Not in my locker room.”

& rounding out with “We are many” again, because I think we all really need to hold on to that. ♥
We are many, they are few.

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