kit (mizkit) wrote,

there’s a million things i haven’t done

mail voter registration stuff
go over AF galleys *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAY*
shake down the crabapple tree (again tho)
process crabapples (again tho)
make crabapple jelly (again tho)
perhaps make crabapple jam (again tho)
– but just you wait
make raspberry jam for octocon/etsy
make strawberry jam for octocon/etsy
make hot fudge for octocon/etsy
order this wig? for octocon because reasons nah
order/have made a Stetson Aviatrix (Peggy Carter’s hat)
email isbn info to isbn lady
email harry for Chance copies
oh god everything else
– just you wait

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Tags: thinks to do
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