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I've just been hit by the MUST DO IT NOW urge to print out HOUSE OF CARDS and go back and do massive pacing restructuring.

I suspect this is end-of-bookitis and is more indicative of not waaanting to fiiiiinish it because haven't I done enooooogh aaaallllreeaaaddddyyyy than anything else. And I won't really know until I've written several more (which may mean 'all the rest of the') chapters whether the pacing is going to *need* restructuring. I think it very well might. This, however, is not the time to do it, especially as I have the rest of today and tomorrow (and maybe Monday morning on the train, although I'm hoping the weather will be fine and I'll be able to do a from-the-windows photoshoot on the way up to Dublin) before I have what will essentially be a week off writing: genitiggie is coming to visit, and then it looks like I'm probably going to MeCon after all (yay!). I'll probably write on the train on Friday on the way to Belfast and I'll definitely write on the train on Monday coming back (at least for some of it; I haven't taken the train north before, so I'm going to want to look out the window a lot!), but in essence it'll be a week off. So this is a bad time to stop forward motion.

I've been suffering from the perception that I've screwed around a lot this month, but I looked at my pagecount yesterday and from 27 June to 28 July I wrote 282 pages on HOUSE OF CARDS plus probably twenty pages of random fic stuff. That is not, when you get right down to it, very much like screwing around. I said this to Ted, who said, "You think you've been screwing around because you set yourself unrealistic goals and didn't make them."


I hate it when other people are right. :)

I have 500 words left to hit my goal for the day, and 7 or 800 to Officially Hit 90K. I should trundle back to work and finish before 5 so that I, um. Am done. :)

miles to Isengard: 200

(ETA: I just hit ninety thousand actual words. Hot damn. I'm about 11 pages short of 400 pages, so I effectively have another hundred pages to go. Hot, I repeat, damn.

ytd wordcount: 262,400)
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