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Launch Day: Atlantis Fallen

Today is Launch Day for ATLANTIS FALLEN, first of the Heartstrike Chronicles! This is a book of my heart, with a long and sordid history; it’s undergone major revisions, and I still basically love it and hope you all will too. :)

Without further ado:

ATLANTIS FALLEN can also be found on Scribd and Inktera if you don’t buy from the above links. It might be available other places, too, I don’t know. :)

The Nitty Gritty:
At the moment, ATLANTIS FALLEN is an e-release only.

Like everything I’m doing right now, it’s self-published. That means in order to have print copies I have to pay a book designer and cover artist for the interior layout and the cover. Right now I don’t have the money to do that, but believe you me, I want a copy of this book on my shelf as much as you do.

People have already suggested Kickstarter for a print edition, and that’s a brilliant idea that I will almost certainly be pursuing. The thing is, I’ve got the unfulfilled REDEEMER Kickstarter to finish, and I’m not comfortable running a second Kickstarter until I’ve got that done. So for now, ATLANTIS FALLEN is e-only, and I apologize to those of you I’m taunting with a new book that won’t be available in print for a while.

Oh, and for the audiophiles among us, I’m pursuing an audio book! I don’t know how it’ll pan out, but I’m workin’ on it!

Atlantis Fallen: Book 1 of the Heartstrike Chronicles
Atlantis Fallen: Book 1 of the Heartstrike Chronicles

A city hidden for five thousand years.

A man so ancient his early history is lost to time.

A woman who has nothing to lose…

Lorhen, oldest and most ruthless of the immortal Timeless, put aside the sword long ago for a quiet life. But peace doesn’t last forever, especially for a man whose age can be counted in epochs, and the mortal life he’s built unravels as the Keepers, a society of historians who record Timeless lives, learn that he’s been hiding in their midst.

Then an archaeologist’s claims of finding Atlantis brings back millennia-old memories, and Lorhen is drawn unwillingly into intrigues aeons in the making—and deadly enough that he may yet face the heartstrike blow that will unleash his power on the world….

Atlantis Fallen
The Heartstrike Chronicles: Book One
Out Now!

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