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To-Done, Q1 2016

My To-Done 2016 (Work Version) thus far includes finishing the REDEEMER rough draft, revising ATLANTIS FALLEN (twice, and am partway through a third), launching MAGIC & MANNERS, writing 3 short stories, and revising one short story.

Somehow it doesn’t seem like very much when I write it down like that, and that just seems unfair. It’s felt like a huge amount of work. It’s BEEN a huge amount of work. It just doesn’t…look very impressive.

Anyway, that really is quite a lot to have gotten done, isn’t it? (Please, she said pathetically?) April will see launching ATLANTIS FALLS, writing another short story, getting REDEEMER polished up to first draft status and submitted to the editor, and…and whatever bits and pieces I’m not thinking of right now.

Tell you what, though, my big plan to clear the bookshelf of everything that hadn’t been read by the end of the year? That’s going to have to get put on hold, because I’ve read one…two? Books this year. Because I’ve been working so much, and coloring when I’m taking down time, instead of reading. (I find reading, especially new fiction, really difficult when I’m working. My brain is committed to a book already, basically, and it’s very hard for me to engage with something new.) And it’s not fair even to myself to say “to the used bookstore with you!” about the TBR shelf when I’ve been working this much instead of reading.

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