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MeCon, a SF/F convention up in Belfast, is the weekend after next (August 4-6). I could fairly reasonably take the train up to Dublin with Geni on Thursday, then up to Belfast on Friday, then come back to Cobh late Sunday night or on Monday morning. I am torn on whether to do this or not.

On the one hand, it'd be an opportunity to meet dduane and Ken MacLeod and Ian McDonald and ... well, you're perfectly capable of reading the guest list. ;) It'd be a chance in general to meet other SF geeks in Ireland, which is good. The panels and whatnot look pretty entertaining, there's stuff about comics, which is of great interest to me (especially since I missed all the comic stuff at P-Con), and I'd no doubt have a good time. OTOH, it'd mean abandoning Ted for *days*, as well as obliterating any hope of writing during that time.

Poll #778580 mecon

Should I go to MeCon?

Hang the loss of writing time & go; nothing inspires like spending time with other writers.
Dude, you still have 40K to go on your book. Are you nuts?
You're not really going to abandon poor Ted *again*, are you?
Billy Joel is enough. Don't be greedy.

(Polls are fun. O.O)
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