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lordy what a day

Things rarely go as planned.

Ted's court date for his car wreck is today. They said to show up in Athy at 10:30am, which is something of a bother, since we live in Cobh now. But we went up to Portarlington yesterday and spent the night at Mom & Dad's, then got on a quite early train and came over to Athy.

It has proven that here in Athy they tell everyone to arrive at 10:30am, and start with the auctioneers' licenses and then move on to something else and then to the traffic fines. And then at 1pm they take a 90 minute lunch. Ted is at the end of the docket, so we're not at all sure he's going to be seen before 4:30, or more accurately, 4, which is about when we have to leave in order to catch the last train that will get us back to Cobh tonight. It's possible, now that I'm thinking about it, that *I* might have to go back tonight without Ted, because I don't know if the dog's got enough water to leave her out another night/day. Probably not, actually. Augh. I better talk to Ted about that.

So the plan to go into Dublin for a few hours this afternoon has been shot, and we're a little concerned about whether, if they don't get to Ted today, he'll have to be here tomorrow or if they'll make a whole new court date and we'll have to do this again, or...what.

I had a radical idea recently and bought a notepad with actual paper in it, and am hauling that around to do my writing instead of hauling a computer around. Writing by hand is veeeerrrryyyy sllllooooow, but I've gotten, I don't know, 1800 words written, which is a whole lot better than a kick in the teeth and requires no computer batteries or backlighting to see the screen. How retro!

Mnrgh. Gonna go talk to Ted about the dog.
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