kit (mizkit) wrote,

unexpected WIKTORY

In an unexpected WIKTORY, I got 3900 words written today and am now only a day behind on Nano. Indeed, had I not run out of battery I think I’d have caught up on it, but, well. No battery.

Fortunately, Chapters Books had gotten in GREEN EARTH, the revised, one-book edition of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Science in the Capital trilogy, so I had something to read on the train going home and things. For I’d gone into Dublin to have a celebratory drink with a friend who just turned in her dissertation, and I’d made a day of it.

It was a day that mostly went as planned: I went to the bank, went to a shop to get one of my favourite pair of glasses (which had, some time ago, been adjusted by Young Indiana) readjusted so they fit again, went to the cinema, where my brain informed me we had no intention of actually *going* to a movie and sat me down to write the 3900 words, which was genuinely great.

After that I toddled off and got a massage, although if I’d known that a proper 30 minute massage cost €40, I’d have gotten a 15 minute walk-in chair massage for €10. :p That was the part of the day that didn’t go so well, IMHO, because damn. At least my shoulders feel good, though, and the stiff neck I’d had has been worked out. And then it was dinner and then drinks with friends, so it was altogether a lovely day. And now I’m going to bed because OMG tired.

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