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urgency, anyone?

I seem to have not instilled much sense of urgency in my little pumpkin head regarding getting this book done by the end of the month. This is in large part, I expect, because the end of the month is an artificial deadline, although it would certainly make the *next* deadline easier. Oh well. 1500 words today. It'll do. (The other problem is this chapter has a lot of description in it, which is hard, so I'm not exactly approaching it with enthusiasm. Just gotta keep chugging through it. Sigh.)

OTOH, in a "my surreal life" episode, I did catch Mercedes Lackey on CoH early this afternoon and ran some missions with her while she, too, avoided working on *her* latest Luna book. *laugh*

Dinner tonight did not turn out quite as I expected. This is because I sat down to eat (and watch the last couple episodes of S3 GG) and when I cut my chicken I managed to knock it entirely off my plate and onto the floor, fifteen inches from the dog's nose. She probably would've stopped if I'd bellowed, but since I wasn't about to eat a piece of chicken that had collected animal fur, and rinsing it seemed gross, I didn't even bother. Consequently, I had mashed potatoes and broccoli for dinner, and Chantico had a chicken breast.

Oh, hey, I'm collecting good LJ icon-creators to keep an eye on. If you've got favorites (mostly sf/f movies & tv is what I get into for icons, but quotes and other stuff are good too), lemme know who they are, huh?

Ok, I've finished season 3. It is now critically important that I .not. get season 4 until THE QUEEN'S BASTARD is written, at the very earliest. :) Fortunately, aside from the *HEART STABBITY STAB STAB* dream that Luke had at the end of the season finale, there is not much in the way of cliffhangers, so I'm not actually flinging myself out the window due to wondering what happens next.

Let's see. Ah, Dean's new girlfriend *is* the one the spoiler referred to; the one he's getting married to. I love Dean, but he's an idiot. He's romantic, he's sweet, he's charming, he's an idiot. 18 is too young to get married. Even if you're fictional. :)

Jess is also an idiot, for completely different reasons. I really like the guy they've cast as his father, and Jess's whole story makes me want to rescue him. The problem, of course, is that Jess has made it very, very clear that nobody else is going to be able to rescue him. I hope he'll manage to rescue himself. Poor dumb kid.

However, Emily Gilmore takes the prize for idiot. End of season 3 is where Lorelai gets the investment money and pays her parents back for the Chilton loan. Instead of handling it graciously, Emily flipped out and didn't want it and was childish and foot-stompy and an *idiot*. She could have--should have--said, "Thank you, dear, and we hope you'll still come over for Friday dinners regularly," which would have been perfect, especially as Lorelai was really *not* trying to be difficult there. But no. She had to be Emily, and that gives her the prize for stupid, *stupid* rat creature. I like Emily a lot, but ye *gods*.

I can't believe Rory's going to Yale. *stares* WTF, over. I mean, ok, I know the reason she's going to Yale: it's because Yale is 2.8 miles from Stars Hollow, so the dynamic of the show can remain more or less the same despite Rory going off to college. But honestly, I'm really *disappointed*. *I* was prepared for Rory to go to Harvard. I don't *believe* Rory's pro/con list. I believe the dynamic of the show needed to not be altered, and that ... sucks.

I think Paris remains my favorite character. Poor Paris, with her C-SPAN meltdown and her *pierced nose*, oh god, the poor thing, and ... yeah. I like Paris a lot.

I liked Luke blubbering all over everything at Rory's graduation. *laugh* "I'm blubbering, I don't know what's wrong with you freaks." Luke much the dad figure there, obviously, but he fits it so well. That whole storyline, culminating in the scene with Lorelai running into the diner and asking Luke not to get engaged...just killed me, and then killed me *worse* when it was a dream. AUGH. Generally I don't feel sorry for him because he really hasn't thrown his hat in the ring, but that was well done, well done indeed. Got me right in the AUGH. :)

*happy sigh* It's been a fun couple of months (month?) watching these shows. I'll have another 1 or 2 (or 3, if s6 is out by then) season Gilmore Girls binge...later. At _least_ 2 finished manuscripts later. And in the meantime, the rest of the TV on DVD I have is, thank God, stuff I watch with Ted, which means I can't do this mad obsessive watchwatchwatch thing unless he's watching with me. :)

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